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To whom it may concern,

It is evident that nowadays communication skill is among the necessary skills that can help you go further on your career path if you are so desirous of working in international companies. However, to be a good communicator, to be fluent at English, plenty of time must be spent and a lot of effort must be put into with a view to developing your skill to a higher level.

As a matter of fact, many students today do not have a profound knowledge concerning about soft skills, which are considered extremely crucial to their future. Especially, almost all students are now seeking many possible ways in order to help them improve their English speaking but they still have not yet figured out where they should start from.

For the reasons above, I would like to share some of my experience relating to studying English speaking to all of you.

The very first thing to improve your speaking skill is vobulary and a monolingual dictionary such as Oxford or Cambridge, etc. Nobody can help you learn vocabulary but yourself. However, there is no need to study all the vocabulary that you meet. You only concentrate on those words that are familiar with your daily activities, particularly your job purposes.

Many people ask me how to remember those new words. To tell the truth, the best way to remember them is to apply them into your real life. As an illustration, you can by yourself make a sentence with that new word, or you can try your best to apply it in any circumstances that you find possible. In addition, you can make up a short paragraph to desbribe something that you find interesting, or even you can write that word on a piece of paper and stick it around your desk or room where it can catch your attention easily.Remember that your best friend when studying English is the dictionary, and I seriously suggest that you should use the monolingual ones, and whenever you look up the dictionary, do not forget to note down some popular phrases which are really vital for your writing later on.

Beside self-study like this, of course, you can spend some of your free time participating in many English clubs, or whenever you meet a foreigner, try your best to speak with them. I know that many of you will not speak because you are afraid of making mistakes. Please remove that idea out of your mind, everybody makes mistakes, we are not born to be perfect. And it is very obvious that we learn from mistakes. Hence please pluck up all of your courage and speak freely, whatever you want. Nobody will judge you through those nonsense mistakes. What they could see is that a confident and admirable you.  In addition, you also have to listen to the  news like BBC, or VOA. Provided that you find it so boring, you can switch to watching TV, or a movie with or without English subtitles. Listening and speaking must be developed simultaneously.

In the end, I would like to emphasize that you are your own worst enemy. No one can help you but yourself. If you practice, of course you will be perfect sooner or later. Nothing is impossible as long as you have a strong determination, right?

Hopefully, my experience will help you someone, and I always want to see all of you, the younger generations, to be successful in the future.

Wish the best for you,

Ly Huy Hoang

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