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Từ vựng Phiên âm Nghĩa
busy 🔈 ˈbɪzi bận rộn
coincide 🔈 ˌkəʊɪnˈsaɪd xảy ra đồng thời
confusion 🔈 kənˈfjuːʒən sự lẫn lộn
contact 🔈 ˈkɒntækt liên hệ
disappoint 🔈 ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt gây thất vọng
intend 🔈 ɪnˈtɛnd dự định
license 🔈 ˈlaɪsəns giấy phép
nervously 🔈 ˈnɜːvəsli lo lắng
optional 🔈 ˈɒpʃənl tùy ý
tempt 🔈 tɛmpt lôi cuốn
thrill 🔈 θrɪl sự hưng phấn
tier 🔈 ˈtaɪə hạng

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Bài tập áp dụng

Read the passages and choose the correct answer

Will your next trip involve a rental car? With a little careful planning, you can prevent some common headaches. If your travel plans coincide with a holiday, you need to plan well ahead of time. Car rental agencies are very busy at such times, and you won’t be guaranteed a car unless you make your reservation well in advance. Contact die car rental agency and specify the kind of car you want and the dates you will need it. Its a good idea to call the agency again shortly before you begin your trip to confirm your reservation.


This is the best way to avoid disappointment.


Another common problem that car renters face is extra charges. Some agencies add charges for options without letting the renter know about them. Sometimes renters aren’t aware of this until they receive their credit card bill. Read the contract carefully before you sign it to make sure that you are paying only for what you requested. And don’t be tempted to pay for things you don’t need. It might be fun to drive a large, luxury ear, but if you are traveling alone and are on a budget, it probably isn’t worth paying for such a car.

1. Who is the audience for this article?

 A. Car owners.

 B. Car renters.

 C. Travel agents.

 D. Car rental agents.


2. What is a problem for holiday travelers?

 A. Rental rates go up.

 B. Businesses are closed.

 C. People get headaches.

 D. Rental agencies are very busy.


3. How can a car renter avoid paying extra charges?

 A. Make a budget.

 B. Pay with a credit card.

 C. Read the contract.

 D. Confirm reservations.


4. The word “disappointment” in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to …………….

 A. unhappiness

 B. disagreement

 C. expense

 D. cancellation


5. The word “options” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to …………….

 A. features

 B. choices

 C. customers

 D. purchases

Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer

1. Who is the audience for this talk?

 A. People who work in car rental agencies.

 B. People who work in travel agencies.

 C. People who rent cars locally.

 D. People who travel to other countries.

2. When should a traveler get an international driver′s license?

 A. Before leaving on a trip.

 B. After arriving in another country.

 C. After contacting a local rental agency.

 D. When signing a car rental contract.

3. What should a traveler do when picking up a rental car?

 A. Sign a check.

 B. Make an appointment.

 C. Drive it right away.

 D. Look for damage.

Đáp án

Read the passages and choose the correct answer

1.B 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.B

Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer

1.C 2.C 3.A

Tapescript phần nghe​

If you are traveling to another country and intend to rent a car while there, there are several things to do before you leave. First, get an international driver′s license. Then contact your local car rental agency to find out if they have offices abroad. If so, you can arrange to rent your car through them and avoid the confusion of signing a contract in a foreign language. This way, when you arrive and pick up your car, you won′t be disappointed. It is tempting when you pick up your rental car to jump right in and drive away. Don′t do this. First, check the car carefully for signs of damage. If you see any, point them out to the agent. You don′t want to have to pay for damage that you didn′t cause.

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