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Từ vựng Phiên âm Nghĩa
advanced 🔈 ədˈvɑːnst tiên tiến
chain 🔈 ʧeɪn chuỗi
checkin 🔈 checkin đăng ký khi đến
confirm 🔈 kənˈfɜːm xác nhận
expect 🔈 ɪksˈpɛkt trông đợi
housekeeper 🔈 ˈhaʊsˌkiːpə nhân viên dọn phòng
notify 🔈 ˈnəʊtɪfaɪ thông báo
preclude 🔈 prɪˈkluːd ngăn cản
reservation 🔈 ˌrɛzəˈveɪʃən sự đặt chỗ trước
quote 🔈 kwəʊt báo giá
rate 🔈 reɪt mức giá
service 🔈 ˈsɜːvɪs dịch vụ

Học từ vựng qua hình ảnh

Bài tập áp dụng

Read the passages and choose the correct answer

June 10, 20—

 Gisela Fried

Springflower Radford Hotel

2857 King Street Ilartsdale,


 Dear Ms. Fried,

I am writing to let you know of the excellent service I received from your staff during my recent stay at the Springflower Radford Hotel. Although I had made an advance reservation for my stay, I had forgotten to confirm it. Thus, when I checked in at the hotel, there were no rooms available of die type I had wanted. Your land and professional staff immediately found another, more luxurious, room for me. Although it was more expensive than die room I had reserved, they charged me the rate 1 had originally been quoted. The excellent service continued throughout my stay and, indeed, exceeded my expectations. For example, the housekeeper cheerfully arrived to clean my room at 10:00 one evening after I had had problems with the bathtub overflowing. The staff at the front desk were always ready to answer my questions and were very helpful in assisting me to find my way around the city.

All in all, my stay at the hotel was a very pleasant experience. I will certainly recommend this hotel to any of my friends who plan a visit to Hartsdale in the future.


 Andrew Wyatt

June 17, 20—

Andrew Wyatt

23 North Cuttersville Road

Creek Lake, MI

 Dear Mr. Wyatt,

 Thank you very much for your letter of June 10 notifying me of the fine service you received during your stay at the Springflower Radford Hotel. I am pleased to know that you had such a good experience as our guest. We at the Radford Hotel chain pride ourselves on the high quality of our service. As the hotel manager, I sometimes hear complaints about my staff, but it is just as important for me to hear about the fine work that they do.

I am enclosing a coupon for the hotel restaurant so that the next time you stay with us, you can enjoy a meal  free of charge at the  Springflower Restaurant.


 Gisela Fried

1. Why did Mr. Wyatt write the letter?

 A. To ask for a rate quote.

 B. To complain about the hotel.

 C. To reserve a room.

 D. To praise the hotel staff.


2. Who is Ms. Fried?

 A. A hotel guest.

 B. The hotel manager.

 C. The front desk clerk.

 D. A housekeeper.


3. What does Ms. Fried offer Mr. Wyatt?

 A. A less expensive room.

 B. A recommendation.

 C. A free meal.

 D. A job.


4. The word “rate” in the first letter, first paragraph, is closest in meaning to …………….

 A. speed

 B. place

 C. time

 D. price


5. The word “notifying” in the second letter, first paragraph, is closest in meaning to …………….

 A. advertising

 B. complaining

 C. scolding

 D. informing

Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer

1. When must a customer notify the hotel?

 A. When he will check in early.

 B. When he expects to return to the hotel.

 C. When he wants to cancel a reservation.

 D. When he wants to leave a deposit.

2. How much in advance should the customer notify the hotel?

 A. Two to four hours.

 B. Twenty-four hours.

 C. Four hours.

 D. Forty-four hours.

3. What does the man tell the woman to do?

 A. Charge the customer extra.

 B. Send the customer a bill.

 C. Telephone the customer.

 D. Get the customer’s credit card number.

Đáp án

Read the passages and choose the correct answer

1.B 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.C

Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer

1.D 2.A 3.A

Tapescript phần nghe​

W What is our hotel chain′s policy on canceling reservations? 
M If we are notified of a cancellation at least twenty-four hours in advance of check-in time, we refund the deposit. 
W That′s good news because I just talked to a customer who wants to cancel and expects to have his deposit returned. 
M That should be no problem. Just call the customer back and tell him we will remove the charge from his credit card.

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