Promotions, pensions and awards

Từ vựng TOEIC chủ đề Promotions, pensions and awards

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Danh sách từ vựng cần nhớ



thành tựu



sự xuất sắc



đóng góp



rõ ràng



sự cống hiến



có năng suất

look forward to

lʊk ˈfɔːwəd tuː

mong đợi, mong chờ, trông mong



thăng chức

look to

lʊk tuː

tin vào, trông cậy vào



sự công nhận



trung thành



định giá

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Bài tập áp dụng

Read the passages and choose the correct answer

To:       All company staff


From:   Claude Dubois, Personnel Manager


Re:      Annual Awards Ceremony


 It is time to start getting ready for the company’s annual awards ceremony. It will take place at the Merrimack Hotel on Friday, November 10. Up to 15 staff members will receive awards from the company president that evening. We look to you, our company staff, to help us select deserving award recipients. Please send in your nominations for colleagues who you think merit the recognition of an award. Obviously, we would like to see names of people who have contributed more than average to the company. Send me your nominations by e-mail before October 15 so that we can have the list finalized before November 5. Thank you.



Subject: nomination


 Hi Claude,


I would like to nominate my coworker, Janet McGhee, assistant manager of the research department, for an award. Her dedication to her job is far above average. She always works long hours to make sure she gets her job done. If she is working on an important project, she will come into the office on weekends if she thinks it’s necessary to completing her job on time. The rest of us in the department always look to Janet as an example of how to get a job done right. If anyone deserves the recognition of an award for loyalty and dedication, its Janet. I hope you will consider her as an award recipient.


 Thank you.



1. When will the awards ceremony be held?

 A. November 15.

 B. October 15.

 C. November 5.

 D. November 10.


2. Who will suggest award recipients?

 A. The company president.

 B. The company staff members.

 C. The personnel manager.

 D. The assistant manager.


3. Why does Marilyn Freeland think Janet McGhee deserves an award?

 A. She works on important projects.

 B. She manages the research department.

 C. She looks to others as an example.

 D. She always works long hours.


4. The word “Obviously” in the first e-mail is closest in meaning to …………….

 A. importantly

 B. quickly

 C. usually

 D. clearly


5. The word “dedication” in the second e-mail is closest in meaning to …………….

 A. knowledge

 B. commitment

 C. attendance

 D. ability

Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer

1. Why will the ceremony be held?

 A. To present awards.

 B. To boast about production figures.

 C. To honor Darrell.

 D. To celebrate the opening of a new office.

2. What is the speaker′s opinion of Darrell?

 A. He is not productive.

 B. He is unimpressive.

 C. He is loyal.

 D. He is not a hard worker.

3. When will the ceremony be held?

 A. Tuesday.

 B. Tomorrow.

 C. Tonight.

 D. Today.

Đáp án

Read the passages and choose the correct answer.

1.B 2.B 3.B 4.C 5.B

Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer

1.A 2.A 3.A

Tapescript phần nghe​

M I′m looking forward to the awards ceremony tonight.
W So am I. I hope Darrell finally gets some recognition for all the work that he has done.
M He certainly has been very productive in the last few months.
W He has always been a hard worker. His dedication to his job is impressive, and he is certainly one of the company′s most loyal employees.

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